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Definition[ ]

The Snake Skip is a skip in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which lets the player skip the Gun Fort area of Sunken Valley and the Long Arm Centipede Giraffe entirely by triggering and killing the Great Serpent earlier than intended.

The skip is performed from the long wooden bar near the Sunken Valley Cavern Idol where the resurrection mechanic of Sekiro is abused to let Sekiro respawn on the rock where the snake would normally spawn and sits in its idle state. The expected behavior from Sekiro is that Sekiro should void out after taking lethal fall damage and respawns on his last known stable position. By dying in mid-air by using the Contact Medicine and letting Sekiro land on the rock, the player is able to respawn in a position low enough to spawn in the Great Serpent way earlier than intended without voiding out back to before the wooden bar. After Sekiro is dead and respawns back at the Sunken Valley Cavern Idol, the player is then able to Deathblow the Great Serpent from above and get warped to the Sunken Valley Cavern.

  • Time saved performing the skip: 60 seconds
  • The initial glitch was discovered by Distortion2.
  • The glitch works on all versions.

Tutorial Video[ ]

No Contact Medicine Snake Skip by WildFire

Snake Skip Demonstration Video by Rain