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  • Cheat Engine Table - General Cheat Engine table with features such as No Death/No Clip/Damage Modifiers etc.
  • Collission Mesh Debug (CE Table) by B3LYP - Allows viewing world collision
  • No Tutorials + No Logo Mods by Jiiks - Standalone .dll files for getting rid of the tips/tutorial popups in-game and the splash screens when starting up the game
  • No Kuro's Charm Mod - by Jiiks - Gets rid of Kuro's Charm which is bound to the player's save file. Without fully deleting the Sekiro save file manually every time, Kuro's Charm will keep returning even when the player starts a New Game
  • Sekiro Save Organizer by Kahmul - High recommendable Save Organiser that supports multi profiles, folder organization, global hotkeys and more.
  • Save Organizer by Lawrence - Standard Save Organizer. Currently in Alpha.
  • Sekiro Speedrun Utility by Jiiks - Advanced utility that supports multiple features useful for speedrunning. Read the Github for a full overview on its features.
  • [1] by thefifthmatt - Compiled list of items and droprates.