Folded Screen Monkeys Skip

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Definition[ ]

The FSM Skip abbr. Folded Screen Monkeys is a skip in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which lets the player skip a large part of Senpou Temple by jumping out of bounds and performing a freefall to the Folded Screen Monkey's boss arena. Geographically the area from Folded Screen Monkeys is right below the Senpou Temple area. Since Sekiro can grapple or ledgegrab at any point during freefalling, the player can use this to grapple to one of the branches in the boss room or grab a ledge of one of the roofs in the boss room respectively.

  • Time saved performing the skip: 80 seconds
  • The initial glitch was discovered by Distortion2.
  • The glitch works on all versions.

Tutorial Video[ ]

Folded Screen Monkeys Skip by Danflesh

Older Folded Screen Monkeys Skip by Nemz38