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Steam grants the ability to download depots from older manifests from games/apps which are stored on Steam servers. Here is how to set it up:

VER 1.02
download_depot 814380 814381 8851210903156677328
download_depot 814380 814382 3790569681063041856
download_depot 814380 814383 5495069844870915919

1. Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard. This will open the Run window.
2. Open the steam console by typing the following string: steam://open/console , Steam should now open in Console Mode.
3. Insert the string of the depot you wish to download. For example:download_depot 814380 814382 3790569681063041856
4. Steam will now download the depot. Note: There is no progress bar of the download in Steam, but it is still downloading in the background.
5. After the download is complete, return back to the Console of Steam. It should show the temporary local directory in which the depot has been stored. This is usually something like: \Steam\steamapps\content\app_XXXXXX\depot_XXXXXX. Just take the files out of that directory and store them to a location of your liking.
6. To use the downpatched version, overwrite these downloaded files to the existing files in your \\Steam\steamapps\common\Sekiro\Game folder. Remember to back up your existing files first ofcourse.
7. Since the old .exe and steam_api64.dll files seem to be missing from these depots, download that file HERE and HERE and replace the downloaded files for the one in your \Game folder and backed up directory if necessary.
8. Delete your save file S0000.sl2 in User/AppData/Roaming/Sekiro/LOTSOFNUMBERS

Downpatching Tutorial by StevieDewTV

LiveSplit has an game timer integrated inside of it for Sekiro. Follow the steps below to activate it:

1. Download LiveSplit and open it. (Run as Administrator)
2. Rightclick LiveSplit and choose Edit Splits
3. From the Game dropdown, choose Sekiro and the category of your liking and leave Start timer at 0.00
4. Click Activate on the Game-time (which is the integrated game timer plugin) and click through the next screen. This also activates the No-Logo mod which gets rid of the splash screens when starting up the game and the No Tips/Tutorials mod which gets rid of the hint popups when playing New Game.
5. Set up your splits to your liking. Close the Edit Splits screen
6. Right click your LiveSplit again > Compare Against > Game-Time

B3LYP has created a table that allows you to save and instantly reload your position and show Collision boxes in game like invisible walls and mesh collision. Very useful for practicing skips like Bull Skip or other things.

1. Download Cheat Engine and open it. Then download the Cheat Engine Table
2. Attach the process Sekiro.exe
3. Load the Cheat Engine table
4. Check the box "active" before Enable Mesh Debug Draw to enable showing the collision boxes.
5. Check both boxes active for Save and Reload position. Note that you can hotkey them both by right-clicking each one and select Set Hotkeys to make save and reloading a little easier.

There is a bug that can occur in which your character can permanently hold block with his sword. If that is the case, press Right mouse click to solve that.