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Definition[ ]

The Gyoubu Skip is a skip in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which lets the player skip the Gyoubou Masataka boss fight by leaving the Ashina Castle Gate arena once the fight has begun. This can be done by climbing the wooden tower closest to the gate with a jump, wall kick and ledge grab, then performing a delayed jump into a wall kick and ledge grab to get on top of the wall to the right of the gate. After performing this skip and leaving the arena, the invisible walls around the cliff in the arena deload and you may bait the boss to instant death by falling, allowing you to still gain the Memory. The basics of the Gyoubu Skip and Demon of Hatred Skip are identical.

  • Time saved performing the skip: 80 seconds
  • The initial glitch was discovered by Distortion2.
  • The glitch works on all versions.

Tutorial Videos[ ]

Gyoubu Skip Perfect Cycle by Shiron

AI Manipulation Guide for Multiple Attemps by Shiron