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This website is an independent website for speedrunning Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. You will find information, resources and guides on this website from a community passionate about Sekiro speedrunning.

  • 23-04-2019 - Patch Changes for the Speedrun

Back up your full game folder in order to easily be able to switch versions before you update your game! If you did already update your game, HERE is a guide on Downpatching back to an earlier version (V1.02)

You can find the findings so far below:


  • Outside of Ashina Castle top still has bad performance/fps drops.


  • Saint Isshin Spear Phase got patched. He now immediately pulls out his spear on Phase 2
  • True Corrupted Monk instant death blow on Phase 1 got patched. Phase 2 still works though.

Glitches/Skips that still work

  • Airswim still works.
  • Guardian Ape Skip still works.
  • Everything other thats not listed above also still works. (Gyoubu Skip, DoH Skip, Butterfly P2 Skip etc, Armored Warrior Insta kill etc.)

Glitches/Skips that got patched/reworked

  • Bull Skip got patched. They put an extra invisible wall there and changed the colission of the initial rock you walljump off from.
  • Folded Screen Monkey's OoB (From the tree before Armored Warrior) has been adjusted. They put a killbox/deathcam on top of it. This probably wont be possible in runs anymore
  • Snake Skip does not spawn in the Snake anymore from the initial death respawn.
  • 22-04-2019 - Leaderboard Changes

After reviewing Limited Skips some more and reviewing community feedback on it, staff decided we will rename Limited Skips to No Airswim which will disallow the use of airswimming in that category with of course including the other 'generic' rules on the leaderboard. We feel this rename and change will be more streamlined with the community needs as well as likelihood of creating more competition in the future. All current runs will stay valid on that board, but can get obsoleted in the future by the new No Airswim format.

Additionally, staff also decided to add a Glitchless category to the leaderboard. The Glitchless format can be found HERE and will not get changed besides the addition of other discoveries on the ban list in the future.

Leaderboards can be found HERE